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The Highlander Boats Range currently comprises of six models ranging from The Club 12 to the biggest boat in the range The Highlander 465 Fast Fisher.

All of the boats are capable of being towed behind a family car and easily launched and retrieved meaning that owners are free to launch at any the public slipways around the country, saving on mooring costs.

The CLUB 12 and 15 models are recognised as excellent fishing boats for inland waters particularly for fly fishing where the combination of great hull shape water ballast tank and good-seating positions makes them a leader in the field. As part of the range the Pelican Easy Access boat caters for the less able bodied fishing enthusiast or anyone who is wheel chair reliant, based on the Club 15 it offers the user the opportunity to access the water via a stem ramp with the assistance of an able bodied friend.

Unlike many boat builders Highlander Boats try to offer a personal service to all its customers and works hard to make your purchase special to you, with the opportunity to select a colour of your choice where possible as well as other complimentary offers which come with all of there package deals.

At the point of hand over we will spend time explaining how things work, and if possible will take you afloat to familiarise you with the operation of your boat package rather than just leaving you with an owners manual.